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My name is Angela Audrey, I’m 20 years old and the coordinator for The Francophone Network of Kenya. I'm very much deeply in love with French.

I first encountered this language in 2015,in Kipsigis Girls' High School. On the very first day when we reported to form one, we were asked to select amongst many other technical subjects, two that we’d take and drop one of them along the way.

The very first one I spotted was French of course. Coming from a village where even knowledge of English is prestigious, I wanted to widen my linguistic scope and explore yet another language.

The next time we went home on a break from school, I went flossing all over to my friends that I was taking French, and indeed, I stood out. Some of them felt bad because their schools didn’t offer French while others considered it pure stupidity. My parents also said that French was too luxurious to be taken by someone coming from the village. My only support system all the way was my French teacher who saw potential in me and nursed it so well that I performed very well in my final exam.

Working with FNK has made it possible for me to advance really quickly in French, both orally and in written. And it is still the only avenue that I forsee helping me realize all the dreams I have about French in Kenya. I wouldn’t wish for it to continue being regarded as luxurious but instead it should be something basic in all schools. Being a holder of a French certificate to a quite advanced level, I see myself succeeding career- wise since French makes you stand out from the crowd. I know this will change the mentality of those who keep on asking how it’ll help them in the end.

In conclusion, French is a big umbrella on its own having under it so much to discover.

The Francophone Network of Kenya has so many ideas on how to help Kenyans learn and explore French and the only gap is who to share with.

Let us come together, learn French and discover a new world!!!

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