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Our Work

The Francophone Network of Kenya (FNK) works to promote the French Language in Kenya and advocate for wide usage and teaching of the language in Kenya, from the lowest to the highest institutions of learning.

We know that young people in Kenya can benefit greatly from French, and they will discover new amazing opportunities in the areas of education, business, and careers.


FNK was started by Kenyan professionals who realized that Africa is divided by an invisible "linguistic wall" which makes it difficult for young Africans from the anglophone part of the continent to reach opportunities and markets in the francophone world, and vice versa.

FNK therefore wants the Kenyan youth to explore this rich and diverse francophone world, and by so doing join the global village that our today's worls has truly become.


Proposed Activities

  1. FNK shall engage the Kenyan government authorities in a bid to encourage the adoption of French as the second international language in Kenya
  2. FNK shall engage government authorities, at the central and devolved levels,with the aim of urging them to consider introducing French in public institutions of learning, especially at the primary level
  3. FNK shall assist Kenyan youth willing to learn French by linking them up with institutions and resources that enable them achieve their objectives
  4. FNK shall endeavour to source and prepare learning materials and tools from the Francophone world and make the same available to Kenyans interested in learning (or increasing their skills in)the French language.
  5. FNK shall engage relevant actors and institutions within and outside Kenya to support the above objectives and proposed activities
  6. FNK shall carry out other activities as may be deemed necessary or useful from time to time for pursuance of the above objectives and proposed activities.

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Francophone Network Of Kenya.
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P.O. Box, 87, Ngewa, Kiambu, County.

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